YouVenus – Foxy Hole Plus Rinne Doka Onahole (Beige)



Explore your desire hottest desires when you seek sensual release with the Foxy Hole Plus Rinne Doka Onahole in the color of beige. This pleasure aid designed for the discerning and discriminating man of taste possesses a most attractive and lifelike female entrance and a tight tube with nuanced chambers in which to stimulate and express and satisfy your desire! Enjoy life-like pleasure for the greatest orgasmic bliss! Brought to you by YouVenus. Oh, you Venus, you!

Total Length: 13.2cm
Insertable Length:
Width: 6.8cm
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Beige
Max Charging Time:
Max Usage Time:
Vibration Modes: