Wild One – Breast Massager Nipple Attachment Set 3 (Clear)



A highly pleasurable nipple dome attachment. Note, this product cannot be used alone. Choose any attachment you like for a unique and highly satisfying experience. From the Lilly gently stimulates your nipples with a calm and gentle approach. The single tongue, however, licks your nipple while rotating for a truly realistic experience!

● Lily (Lily)
was the image of a Lily flower, petal type of attachment that opens to the outside.
The nipple that entered the inside of the flower is gently stimulated to make you

feel pleasant
Scratch-like stimulation can be adjusted freely with the speed of rotation!

● Propeller (Propeller)
An attachment in which five propellers stimulate the nipple one after another.
The center is slightly wider and the tip of the nipple is stimulated with a small brush.

● Single Tongue A
small tongue licks while rotating! The
rough surface + well-thought-out curves stimulate the nipples to the fullest!

Various sizes in the Ball Cup cup An attachment with balls arranged irregularly.
A silicone ball wraps around the nipple and spins to stimulate from every angle.