Viamax – Tight Gel 50ml


Send your lover to the moon with the Viamax – Tight Gel. Use this gel fifteen minutes before sex play for increased vaginal tightness. You can use this gel for increased vaginal tightness and perform pelvic floor exercises to tighten the vaginal muscles. Your lover will go crazy when you hug them with your love box. Natural ingredients help tighten the vaginal walls to stimulate and hug your lover’s intimate part.

Thanks to the roots of Butea Superba from Thailand, which has an astringent effect, a tighter, more intimate feeling in intercourse is produced. Tight Gel also stimulates the blood circulation thereby increasing sensitivity around the clitoris and labia.

Recommended for: Women whose vaginal muscles have been weakened by childbirth and experience a less intimate feeling during intercourse. In Asian countries, it is common after giving birth for women to use herbs to strengthen muscle tissue and stimulate the vaginal muscles to contract so that a tighter feeling during intercourse is experienced. Tight Gel gives a perfect tightening feeling in combination with pelvic floor exercises.