Tenga – Masturbator Egg Wonder Package Value Pack (6 Tenga Eggs)


Want to derive maximum pleasure on your own? Get a Tenga Masturbator Egg Wonder Package Value Pack today. Tenga is a portable and discreet toy that you can carry with you anywhere. What’s more, it is reusable, which means you can get as many orgasms as possible; all at a relatively low price. You’ll be happy to know that Tenga is available in 6 varieties for your own self-pampering. A variety pack that allows you to enjoy TENGA EGG WONDER SERIES all at once.

Set contents
TENGA EGG WIND: Vertical wave pull-pull stimulation!
TENGA EGG STUD: Hexagonal protrusion stimulation!
TENGA EGG MESH [Mesh]: Clear stimulation of mesh edges!
TENGA EGG TUBE: Twist stimulation of continuous steps!
TENGA EGG CURL [Curl]: Stimulation of swelling protrusions!
TENGA EGG RING [Ring]: Plump stimulation of the tightening ring!

Total Length: 6 cm (EGGS)
Insertable Length: Stretches to 19.8cm
Width: 4.9 cm (EGGS)
Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Waterproof: Yes
Max Charging Time:
Max Usage Time:
Vibration Modes: