PPP – Kojirase Virgin Onahole (Beige)



Get the ultra realistic experience alone in your room with the PPP Kojirase Virgin Onahole. This toy comes with a soft, tight interior and a perfect G spot that will make it swell and tighten around you in a replica of your partner’s arousal. Enjoy the tightness as you thrust yourself toward climax! The plump body with a thick wall thickness of 540g is very luxurious and comfortable to insert! From the entrance of the hard virgin skin that tightens strongly, you can enjoy the change of pleasure to the soft material that makes you want to insert it all the time! The twisting spot placed in the center is squeezed up with each piston! Three pleasures of tightening, prying, and soft skin? Please experience the luxurious insertion comfort.

■ Product size (mm)
Length 175 Width 120 Depth 80

■ Product weight (g)

■ Body size (mm)
Length 160 x Width 93 x Depth 87

■ Body weight (g), content (ml)

■ Accessories
PPP5ml Pouch lotion