Pipedream – Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System (Black)



Sometimes it’s fun to have a little light bondage in bed, but after a while it can get a bit boring. This Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Web Bed Restraint System can bring the excitement back into bondage. Now you can get a whole new level of control over your partner in bed! 

The webbing features 24 different web lines to attach the cuffs to, giving you endless possibilities for new and exciting positions you never knew were possible. Get lost in a web of desire and hope that you never get out! The web attaches to the bed by sliding each corner loop underneath the mattress and pulling the nylon strap until it is tight. The comfortable neoprene cuffs easily adjust to fit most sizes and attach to the webbing using small velcro loops. It’s perfect for beginners and those new to light bondage play and fun for everyone!

Let your lover get stuck on that spider web, and be that spider man to give her some lovin’


  • Nylon Fantasy Web 4 Adjustable Cuffs Works On Any Size Mattress