NPG – Yubidom Minami Aizawa Ver.02 Finger Sleeve 20 Pieces (Clear)



We want all the fun but another mess associated with mutual masturbation with your partner look no further than the YUBIDOM natural latex disposable gloves. Designed with fingerplay and vibraitor in mind, these gloves are sure to make your night as hassle free as possible. Enjoy yourself without the mess, with YUBIDOM!

● You can only use YUBIDOM once.
● Natural rubber latex may rarely cause allergic symptoms such as itchiness, redness, urticaria, swelling, fever, dyspnea, dyspepsia, low blood pressure, and shock. If you experience such symptoms, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
● If you feel tight when wearing the product, discontinue use immediately. Forcible use may result in poor circulation.
● Be careful not to damage it with a knife or sharp object. (It may be torn.)
● This product is a joke item. Please note that we are not responsible for any unusual use.
● Not a contraceptive.