NPG – Geki Fera Takahashi Shoko Takasho Naoko Takahashi Mouth Masturbator (Beige)



No doubt you’ve dreamed of Shoko Takahashi (aka Takasho) practicing her amazing oral skills on you. With this authorized reproduction, you no longer have to just dream!

This lifelike recreation of Takasho’s mouth features full red lips, realistic teeth, and a pleasurable soft tongue. It also features a chamber that dives deep down into throat territory. Either way, you’ll be in control of the action.

You’ve wondered what it’d be like–now you can find out! Comes with free lubricant for a truly lifelike experience.


Total Length: 17cm
Insertable Length:
Width: 7.7cm
Material: TPE
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Beige
Max Charging Time:
Max Usage Time:
Vibration Modes: