Joy Division – Aquaglide Anal Medical Lubricant 100ml (Clear)



AQUAglide increases comfort and pleasure in those moments when the vagina’s natural lubrication isn’t enough. Even if lubrication isn’t a problem, it can be used to enhance the sensations of lovemaking. This water-based, medical grade lubricant is long-lasting as well as pH balanced, and can be used as a massage oil, with condoms, and during oral sex. It comes in strawberry, cherry banana, raspberry, and exotic. AQUAglide has passed many consumer association tests and has been a favorite in Europe for 10 years.

The many advantages of AQUAglide:
– approved as a medical-grade product
– water-soluble and fat-free
– subject to constant quality control
– also suitable for oral intercourse
– features long-lasting lubricating properties
– pH-optimised
– highly effective, with a little going a long way
– made in Germany
– subject to regular medical and dermatological testing