G Project – G PROJECT x PEPEE Cleansing Lliquid For Water Based Lube 150ml



Keep your fun clean and slippery with the G PROJECT x PEPEE Cleansing Liquid For Water Based Lube 150ml. While lube can make sex even more fulfilling, it can also leave a mess. Cleaning it up when you’re done can be a pleasurable part of your lovemaking or masturbation while also preparing everything for next time. Safe and secure domestic production & gentle sterilization & deodorization of domestic materials that you always use! The powerful foam injection of the jet nozzle allows you to easily inject bubbles deep into the hole. In addition, it is easy to wash off because it firmly solidifies and removes slimy stains that are difficult to remove even if washed with water. * Water-soluble lotion contains “purified water” as the main component.

Ingredients: Water-soluble lotion is mainly composed of “purified water”