Anna Mu – Cosplay Costume Theme Party NA15030109 (Black)



Tantalize your partner or an audience with this extremely sexy ensemble. Anna Mu delivers another stunning fully equipped cosplay costume. Bunny girl delivers playful fun with matching bunny ears, a classy bow tie, a revealing tied-neck blouse, and white cuff link rings. Let the role fully possess you with matching Y-shaped skirt suspenders, all tied together with a 30 inch skirt, showing just the right amount of leg to grab the viewer and not let them go.

Contents: 6 pieces
Under Burst: 32″-36″
Waist: 23″-29″
Hip: 32″-36″
Size: Free size
Material: 100% Polyster
Skirt length*: 30cm/Waist*: 36cm(side zipper )
Tied neck blouse
With matching Y-shaped strap skirt
With matching rabbit ears hair bands
With matching bow tie*1
With matching hand ring*2
* Lay-Flat Measurement