AlmaDillo – Orgasm Prostate Massager



It can be hard to reach the prostate gland. This gland is said to give off one of the most intense orgasms when stimulated. If you are after this sensation, the AlmaDillo – Orgasm Prostate Massager in white makes it easy. This toy is designed to easily find and reach that magical gland, giving you the intense orgasm you are after. The product also comes with lotion that makes things more comfortable.

Total Length:
Insertable Length: 10.16cm
Width: 2.9cm diameter at the tip, 2.38cm diameter at mid-range, 4.45cm from the main body to pressure point
Material: Body safe material,ABS Plastic
Waterproof: Yes
Color: White
Max Charging Time:
Max Usage Time:
Vibration Modes: