A One – Sicco Urinating Outdoors Portable Female Silicone Pee Funnel (Pink)



The A One – Sicco Urinating Outdoors Portable Silicone Funnel (Pink) is extremely lightweight and very convenient when traveling. Women do not have to worry about dirty toilet bowls, this miracle funnel allows woman to stand while peeing. This item allows women to pee safely and discreetly without irritation to the skin and genitals.  It’s easy to carry and clean after use for the perfect reusable product. This is one of the best female urination products on the market today so buy now and experience the difference!


Total Length: 15.24cm
Insertable Length:
Width: 10cm
Material: Silicone
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Pink
Max Charging Time:
Max Usage Time:
Vibration Modes: